The Tomb of Panatera

Featureless black dome


The Tomb itself is a featureless black dome, almost 100 yards in diameter, though it has not been fully unearthed, and the visible section os only 40 yards across. The surface doesn’t reflect any light at all, looking for all intents and purposes like a dome-shaped hole in reality. It is surrounded by a paper thin field of energy which prevents anything from actually touching the surface of the dome and cannot penetrated by any known means, save one. The only thing that can pass through the field is attuned Orichalcum, which ignores the field as if it is not there.
Using this material, it has been determined that the surface of the dome under the field is not as smooth as it appears, and is covered in etchings and engravings. Also present are four keyholes, spaced unevenly around the circumference and not oriented to any recognized natural features, and the frame of what may be a door.


Discovered buried beneath the city of Greyfalls, the is a ancient structure dating back to the First Age. Information is limited, but what is known is that when Greyfalls was originally founded, it was built on the ruins of an even older First Age settlement. the only structure still standing was the Tomb, and the city’s founders couldn’t move, open or destroy it, so they simply built over it. The city of Greyfalls has been destroyed and rebuilt six times since then, each time burying the tomb under another layer of rubble and dirt. It has recently been uncovered, and archeologists working for the city have been studying it, but as yet haven’t been able to open the structure.

The Tomb of Panatera

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