Orichalcum Grand Goremaul

weapon (melee)

A massive hammer crafted from the finest Orichalcum. It is shaped like a standard blacksmith’s tool but with a head the size of a man’s torso. A glowing red Hearthstone is mounted in a bracket on the top of the head. The shaft is ironwood, banded with Orichalcum and worn smooth with centuries of use.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Min Str Tags
6 +2 +17L/5 0 1 Melee 4 2, O, P, R

Little is remembered of this Artifact’s origins. What is known is that it dates back to the ancient days of the First Age, crafted by a forgotten Twilight caste Warrior-Smith as his personal weapon. Perhaps, in time, more will be recalled by the man who now carries his Essence.


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