Versus the World

The story so far...

After a serendipitous meeting at a mysterious building deep in the Eastern woods, our “heroes” were quickly surrounded by a detachment of the Wild Hunt that had heard rumors of Anathema in the area. Despite being severely outnumbered, they handily dispatched the unprepared hunters, but decided it would be prudent to move on, lest a better prepared force come looking for the first group.
Deciding to head for Tyrus’ home town to get their bearings, they travelled through the woods, avoiding any patrols. Upon reaching the city of Greyfalls, they were surprised to find it surrounded by a large mercenary army, flying the flag of Rybylak. They snuck into the besieged city and quickly discovered the apparent reason for the mercenary presence: An apparent first-age artifact had been uncovered beneath the old city library.
Upon investigation, they found an ongoing archeological dig uncovering a featureless black dome. Seemingly seamless and impenetrable, the dome is sheathed in a paper-thin energy field that prevents any matter from even coming into contact with the surface. Through experimentation, the Circle discovered that attuned Orichalcum could pass through the field, and from there discovered four keyholes in the surface of the dome.
They split up to investigate, and after infiltrating the city archives storing the former contents of the now demolished library, Raina discovered a scrap of information in a history of the city referring to the dome as “The Tomb of Panatera”, and stating that it predated the city which had been built over it because the founders couldn’t figure out how to open, move or destroy it.
Three of the keys were found to still be in the city, and were retrieved and replaced with copies by the Circle, however the fourth had fallen into the hands of the mercenary army outside the gates, who apparently knew what they were looking for. After some discussion, the Circle tried to parley with the leader of the mercenaries to try and get the key, but they were unsuccessful, barely getting out without getting embroiled in a conflict in which they would likely be badly outmatched.
The keys they have are unable to penetrate the field over the tomb, and the Circle determined there must be an additional piece needed before the tomb could be opened, even if they had all four keys, so they set out to look for more information and to hopefully gain enough power to take the fourth key. To aid the city, they sent a message to the mercenaries that they have the other three keys and were taking them with them, in an attempt to draw the forces away from Greyfalls.
As they travelled towards Nexus, they encountered two figures standing in the middle of a recent battlefield, surrounded by corpses in Imperial livery. Thinking that these two might be potential allies, the circle engaged in a friendly discussion, learning that the two are Death Knights working for the Mask of Winters. The Knights attempted to recruit Jessie, and it appeared they would be successful until the nature of their Soul Steel armor and weaponry came up. Her horrified reaction, and the aggressive stance of her companions makes a conflict seem inevitable…

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